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Emergency Relief to the Guatemala Disaster

The huge eruption of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala has meant that close to two hundred people are missing, thousands are displaced, over 100 people have died with many more injured. Most of these people were poor before the disaster and now they have lost what little they had.

CAUSE Canada has two teams of trained Guatemalan nurses working in-country in the rural highlands. We have been requested to send them to support the efforts to care for the injured.

Your donation will provide emergency relief in the short-term and help support people to rebuild their lives over the long-term.

Our ability to respond to this crisis is immediate but only with your support. Please consider giving, $25, $50, $100 or more to help respond to this crises and meet critical needs now.

Your contribution makes a difference. Donations of $20.00 or more are tax receipted.

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